About me

I am a young woman full of ambition, who is always looking for new opportunities that life has to offer. I am interested in discussing topics related to the environment and social issues that unfortunately we are forced to face daily. I also like giving advice to young people regarding similar situations that I’ve learned to overcome myself.

A little bit more about myself…


I’ve grown to accept the things that I cannot change whether it is friendships, relationships or life in general.

I’ve learned that sometimes in life no matter what you do or sacrifice your life to someone they won’t care the same way.

I’ve learned that people will waste your time and not bother.

I also learned that you can love someone for years regardless if they hurt you over and over again.

People will talk about you whether you doing bad or good. You can give them the world and it won’t be enough.

I also learned that you can forgive but people will hold grudges when the tables turn.

However, I also learned to be happy, I’ve learned to put myself first, love myself, better myself and to follow my dreams.

When I finally go I don’t want anyone to regret on the things they didn’t say or the things they didn’t do to prove I mean something to them.

Because life is too short and you’ve had enough time to make things right…

People are selfish and careless.

In this world the nicest people get treated badly, and that’s ok because it made me strong enough to work harder and follow my dreams.

I still love hard, I still trust people and I still forgive. I’m me ❤️

– Love Anita

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