Mixing Monday I

Mixing Mondays will be introduced every Monday to add a bit of flavour into the blog page. This will include a mixture of different fun contents and it will also feature different readers sharing their life experiences. This basically will be our kitchen full of delicious baked goods. 🍰🎂🍮


On Mondays we will also learn the French language together to increase our bilingual skills (take in mind that I know nothing about French so please correct me if I get things wrong LOL). 😊

Rules for our kitchen:

* Cupcake of the day = a phrase in French related to previous Chapters of the blog


*Cheese cake of the day = any word in French


* Each content will be named after an ingredient used to bake goods

* Readers being featured on the blog cannot have similar stories as we do not want to be repetitive

Hopefully we will master our imaginary baking skills!!!

*This week’s Mixing Monday*


Ne laisse personne te juger.





💝 Milk – Celebrity gossip

I am not trying to be the biggest gossiper here but lately what has been trending on Twitter has been quite entertaining!

  1. Drake vs Pusha T image.png

Beef details

2. Trump arranging a meeting with the wrong Kim!


I know right…it was supposed to be Kim Jong and not Kardashian hahaha and Twitter just couldn’t stop with the memes but hey apparently Mrs West did visit Trump for a good cause too so let’s not be too harsh on her.


3. Ooooh another juicy gossip is that apparently Marcel from Love Island cheated on Gabby and was sacked from his job because of the cheating allegations but now, he’s also claiming that she cheated on him with Dan!


Find out more

💝 Flour – Manchester Arena attack one year anniversary 🐝🐝🐝


First of all I want to wish all the love and my condolences once more to those families that lost their loved ones in this tragedy that happened last year. Being from Manchester myself, I remember that night as if it was yesterday. It was very frightening and all I could hear was sirens and helicopters surrounding the area. It was terrifying and all I could think about was why the innocent children were attacked in Ariana Grande’s concert. We will forever remember those 22 beautiful souls that lost their lives but touched everyone’s hearts. A lot of people donated money and showed compassion by tattooing a bee which represents Manchester in remembrance of those victims and this year Ariana has also showed her love by doing the same and releasing a song.


💝 Butter – Inspiring2Aspire Gaming!

I am not ashamed to self promote myself. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have signed up on Twitch and my user name being BeautiDisasterx, I will be live streaming games specially GTA online and will be posting on my youtube channel too. I know that I haven’t improved the quality of the videos and I am still new to all of this but here are the first 3 new videos that I have live streamed. Please show some support hehehe. I love you guys.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Do let me know if you guys like this new type of posts so I can carry on or else we can move on to new ideas which would be more interesting. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment or a like to show your support. Thank you guys xxx

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