Chapter 6: Global Terrorism, will it ever stop?


🌎We can’t make the world a better place, but we can adjust it just a little bit…

–  Anita Fernandes



Terrorism is probably the most difficult matter to discuss as it is a sensitive situation affecting practically the entire world nations. Before I start discussing this topic, I would like to show my respect to those victims that lost their lives from all around the world and to those that are being treated unfairly because of terrorism.



Caught in the act
The dark side of humanity exposed
Magnified by the sheer brutality of the acts
And the remorseless faces of the suspects
As well as the stupefied pose of the bystanders
The dark side of humanity lives on

Caught in the act
History repeats itself so often
Unpatented acts of humanity
The same brutality displayed
The same undeclared evil intentions
Unprovoked and unparalleled
The dark side of humanity is alive

Caught in the act
Slavery, black Africans commercialised
Holocaust in Germany
Genocide in Rwanda
Apartheid in South Africa
Terrorism in the world
Xenophobia in South Africa
The list continues unabated
The dark side of humanity reincarnated



How many times do we hear about a particular terror attack? If you watch the news or you are constantly going through your social media like me, it is probably daily. Am I right? It is becoming a normal thing to hear that somewhere around the world is under a terrorist attack. It does not surprise us anymore, specially on what is happening in some of the African countries and the Middle East. It angers me that some individuals lost their humanity. They see no pain through the eyes of those that mourn for the loss of their loved ones, they do not feel anything when they terrorise our nation. How can people be so cold? How can they not see that the world would be a better place without wars and terror? I guess we cannot change their minds, but we can stand together and protect each other but to do that, we need to understand this global epidemic of terror.


What are the major causes for Terrorism?

♦ I believe that the main causes for people to choose terrorism as an option is because of the social and political injustices that their country is suffering from. They have the ideology that they have the right to perceived justice by causing terror.


♦ Also, they believe that violence and threat is the way forwards as it is an effective mechanism to make the world aware that there are consequences. This means that, they want revenge and would get it by any means.


♦ Some people just want power, and the only way they feel powerful is by creating a scare to the nation and feel in control.


♦ They want to take over the world with their religious beliefs and, want the entire world to be under one religion.

♦ Researchers believe that a big part on why people become terrorists is because of humiliation. Shame and anger are triggered when their own governments takes only little or no action against genocide activities within their own communities, and the rest of the world sees this and do not interfere with good intentions.

How do people become terrorists?

Terrorists are more likely to influence younger generations in becoming radicalised. It has been said that many are taught hatred and violence within religious surroundings as well as travelling to countries like Syria to fight with rebels and to be trained to kill innocent people.

What are the impacts of Global Terrorism?

💔 It destroys lives, not just the ones that get killed by terrorists but the families left behind.

💔 It causes people to live in fear. The population becomes afraid of travelling to work, be in crowded public places, and even just being outdoors.

💔 It destroys the economy. The reason for this is because:

♦ it destroys infrastructure (business buildings, homes, banks, etc..), ecosystems such as existing plants and animals which are used for food production, and it  also disrupts transportation systems. Furthermore, it destroys workers and other economic resources on large scales for example, The World Trade Center bombings on the 11th of September 2001, billion of dollars’ worth of property and thousands of workers were lost on the scene (Investopedia ).

♦ It increases uncertainty in the markets.

♦ Insurance and tourism are also highly affected by terrorism. Insurance companies are at risk of spending money even though most of them are not responsible to pay out in case of terrorism, and of course tourism decreases as people would rather not go to a destination that is under terrorist threat. This affects the Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) as there are less people bringing money and contributing into the country.

♦ Terrorism can also affect the economy as it can lead to an increase in nationalism. What I mean by that is, people start developing hatred towards other nationalities and want everyone out of the country that is not from the same nationality as them. This means that, less people are willing to come into the country and contribute to the labour forces.

💔 Terrorism causes a division between people which only increases hate crime amongst individuals. Some hate crimes include: verbal abuse, physical abuse, and vandalism on someone’s property.

💔 It causes more social and political conflicts.

💔 Furthermore, it decreases trust between the population and the government.

A map showing the severity of terrorism around the world

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.22.38

What can we do to prevent terrorism?

Although I believe that it is too late to put a stop to terrorism completely, there are  number ways that we can reduce and avoid terrorism from happening. This could be by:

♥ Always be cautious of your surroundings in public places.

♥ There could be more anti-terrorist programmes.

♥ Many people believe that the government funds sources to terrorist organisations therefore, if that is the case, they should stop!

♥ Instead of bullying innocent people by calling them terrorists because they are from a particular religion, we should come together and fight terrorism.

♥ Certain communities that are more vulnerable to terrorism should act together and be cautious of any signs of radicalisation and violent behaviour.


Will terrorism ever end?

This is a very difficult question to be answered as no one will ever know but, leave your opinion on what you think will happen in the near future. Will there be more terrorist attacks? Will we find a way to stop it, or will it just get worse?

Remember  “Love Always Wins”

XOXO Anita

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