Chapter 5: Say bye to the gym!!! 👋

🎶Tell the gym bye,

Tell the gym bye, 

I am not thinking about you! 🙈🎶


Just kidding! I should be promoting a healthy lifestyle and that is exactly what I will be doing today. However, let’s say that you want to save up, or maybe you just can’t afford to have a monthly/yearly gym membership. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from being fit and beautiful. Have you thought about trying home exercises? If you haven’t yet, you should really go for it!

First of all, you will have to invest in some gym equipment that will last you a life time, that is if you’re one of those that can actually maintain items in good conditions for a long period of time. Anyway, that is not the point, we are focusing in staying fit while not attending the famous “gym” where some people go just to take selfies and post it on Instagram, 🌚 or to just show off in front of the mirror, catching everyone’s attention. Again, we are not here to gossip on “who does what” but I’m sure a lot of you know someone with those bad habits.



To Build a Cheap Gym at Home 

Step 1 – Purchase a yoga mat, you can find a cheap one on Amazon for less than a fiver!

Step 2 –  Get some barbells & plate set, you will have to decide on how heavy you want them to be.

Step 3 – Getting a bench could be useful to make the most of the barbell and plate set.

Step 4 – It would be useful to get a rack to work on your arms. This can be the most expensive item that would be required to complete the home-made gym.

Step 5 – Kettlebells/dumbells both can be used to perform the same type of exercises.

Step 6 – Ideally, a mirror would be a good asset for motivation.

Step 7 – Optional, you could buy other gym equipments for cardio such as: a treadmill, a spin bike, and a cross trainer.

I can guarantee that by investing on these items, you will be better off in the long run.

Of course for the ladies, we like looking all cute at the gym so why not stay cute at home too? Shop for trendy gym kits to give you more motivation, it really does work. I’ve tried it myself.


🍑Hello Bootylicious, Goodbye Flat Bum🍑



Hint: 😉 Double the dose if you’re capable to do more.


No More Skinny or Fat Legs, We Want Toned!


You can exercise your legs using your barbells and plate set by doing:

Front squats



Back squats









A few extra tips…

Using barbells
  • To exercise the back – You can use a barbell to perform a barbell row or, power cleans.
  • To exercise your shoulders – You can perform military press exercises as well as behind the neck press.
  • To exercise your chest – Using a bench you can carry out bench press exercises with flat incline and decline.
  • To exercise your arms – You can conduct bicep curls exercises, skull crushers, and close grip bench press.


For the Ladies

You can gain access to many free work out videos on Youtube, for example: my personal preference is Tiffany Rothe Workouts, she has many videos available that can be beneficial for home exercises.

Also, to meditate at home with some yoga lessons, you should check out Yoga with Adriene 






“Remember, we do not discriminate, we appreciate and we definitely are against body shaming.”

XOXO Anita



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