5 thoughts on “Chapter 3: If you’re going through hell, keep going

  1. You are worth more than you think. Depression makes you feel you are not. Think about all the people that care for you, their lives would be deminished if you were gone. You would leave a hole in the fabric of their lives. You are more important than you think. Find something to believe in and hold on to it. Do not consider leaving us. You are very important.

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    1. Thanks for the strengthening words. I have been doing much better, and it makes me want to help others in dealing with depression and hopefully give them hope.


  2. You are stronger than you think, and bad things never last. You will conquer all great things in life and when you look back at the bad times in the future you will see how much strength you have and how much you’ve grown as a person. Reading this was emotional, yet inspiring and I can see how you deeply poured your heart into this blog post. Keep up the good work and stay positive because the good things are coming.

    Love Trish

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